Camping is now SOLD OUT!

Sad you missed out on staying the night with us? There are other options available with accommodation in nearby Linton, as well as Ballarat (within taxi reach). You could also consider setting up a designated driver group too. Get in touch with us if you need some pointers.

Stay the night with us!

Camping facilities are on offer for those who wish to stay from far and wide under the bright stars afforded by the regional location. A simple Sunday breakfast is included. Please ensure you bring a suitable tent that closes properly, your own torches, sleeping gear, and snacks. We provide the site, access to water and toilets – it’s up to you to bring along everything else you’ll need for camping. It will be the middle of January so we assume it will be warm but best to also prepare for cold weather overnight.

Be aware that sound on site will continue until at least midnight, and although you’ll be in a camping area, you will still hear sound until that time. Families are definitely welcome to camp, but children must always be accompanied by guardians.

Camping tickets are per person: please keep that in mind, and get in touch to let us know when buying multiple tickets if you’re camping in more than 1 tent so we can manage the size of the camping area.

Campers must arrive before 4pm (ideally earlier in the day) so we can walk you to a site and get you settled.

Valuables must be kept on you at all times, the organisers cannot be held responsible for loss/theft of items from unattended tents.

Remember: this site is in the country, there WILL be bugs, ants, mostquitos and general country/farmy critters around. Come prepared.

NO FLAMES OR FIRES PERMITTED AT ANY TIME ON SITE. Smoking must be away from the camping area at all times also.

Children under 17 do not need a specific camping ticket. Camping is included in their entry fee with a paying guardian.

As camping tickets are limited, all camping tickets must be pre-purchased and will not be available at the gate.

Please contact us if you have any questions about anything!