Online tickets have now closed.
Tickets will still be available at the gate!

Mecha – Festival of Experimental Art

Saturday 19th January 2019. 11am – 12 Midnight.
CNR Aisbett Rd & Scarsdale-Pitfield Rd, Newtown Victoria 3351

Camping tickets are now SOLD OUT!

Before you purchase a ticket!

We want to make “Mecha” a happy open place to discover and engage with some of the best experimental performative art.

This means we need you, the audience, to help us. Here are some things to consider before making your ticket purchase:

Respect. This place is for everyone. The only people we don’t welcome are those who don’t respect this.
Pets. This is a human based festival, unfortunately we can’t accommodate your furry or otherwise non-human friend.
Party. Though we may have a bar, and a wide range of artists, this is not a bush doof party. This is an experimental arts festival, so maybe leave those raver pants and related things at home. We have to close the bar at midnight.
Drink. We’d like to have a good time with you, but also we want you to be safe. So please organise a designated driver if you’re going to have a drink, or perhaps consider a taxi, or even camping overnight with us to avoid the hassle.
Noise. We might be in the country, but we still have to make sure we don’t upset our neighbours, so please be respectful when parking, entering, and leaving the site, so we can do this again in future.
Bugs. This festival is based in the country, surrounded by farmland and large trees. If you have severe allergies to things you might find here including ants, bees, bugs, and any regular country/farm/outdoor stuff, perhaps you need to consider whether this is safe for you. It sucks, but it’s the reality of life here.
Accessibility. We aim to make this festival as accessible as we can. If you have particular needs, or have some questions regarding your visit, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can find a way to make your experience a joyous one.
Children. We welcome families with children to “Mecha”, but this is not a childrens festival. We hope to have something for everyone, but you won’t find a Wiggle on site. We hope children will enjoy exploring the world we’re creating as much as the adults. Some works may require adult discretion – we’re not censoring the works.
Fire. There can be no flames on site. “Mecha” is based in a fire ban zone for summer. Depending on weather, we may even ban smoking on site. While we’re talking about smoking, there will be some places that you can’t take your cigarette/vape – maybe it’s a good time to take a break? Also, if the fire brigade issues a “Code Red” alert – it’ll be too dangerous to go ahead.
Clothing. Wear clothing to match the place. Sure, we all enjoy letting it all hang out, but with so much going on, we have to ask you to please wear shoes with covered toes. There can be no bare feet, thongs, or sandals onsite so you don’t injure yourself. Remember the sun during the day too, bring a hat and wear sunscreen. Maybe it’s an excuse to bring a picnic blanket and set up a super kooky picnic around exciting artists. It could even get cold at night – come prepared.
Night visit. Coming for the night? Bring a torch! The site will be lit, but there will be more to discover if you have a light in your hand.
Food. There will be food vendors onsite until reasonably late. You’re also welcome to check out other local food businesses on your way or after. We’ll offer both meat and non meat options.
Payment. We’ll have the ability to take EFTPOS payments onsite. Feel free to bring cash, but don’t stress. The nearest ATM is just 35 km away.

Please contact us if you have any questions about anything!